Robynne Raye

Lecture Poster

A series of posters were designed for the Folly Theatre's 2016/2017 season. The Robert Glasper and Donny McCaslin posters were selected.

Two versions of illustrations for an Amtrak Route, Quantitative and Qualitative.  For the qualitative poster I wanted to focus on the mountains that people would see on this route while keeping the look of most of the existing Amtrak posters. For my quantitative poster I decided to play off the title of the route and emphasize the building and progress that it is named for.

A hypothetical lecture was the basis for this illustration.  Robynne Raye is an illustrator that became involved in copyright infringement litigation with Disney and Target over their unauthorized use of one of her illustrations.  The phrase on her website is 'tons of sh*t delivered daily'.  The illustration was approached with her style in mind.

Folly Theatre Posters

AMtrak Poster